Meet Lars Knudsen

Lars Knudsen leads the team at Hightower Bellevue. He founded his RIA practice 30 years ago on the basis of his belief in wealth stewardship. This vision continues to guide his team today.

The term stewardship means to care and be responsible for assets or resources, and reflects the thoughtful, dedicated approach Lars and his team take to serving clients and their families. He and the team derive tremendous pride and purpose from helping clients bring their personal beliefs, family values and wealth into balance. To Lars, there is no more fulfilling challenge than interpreting the “big picture” of macroeconomic trends, current events and history to create financial plans that can make a genuine difference in the lives of his clients.

Lars is happily married to his wife Lise and has five children Erik, Nina, Alex, Kiki and Christian (who has passed).

Lars and Lise enjoy traveling, reading, hiking spending time in the sun, skiing and horseback riding.
Together they are blessed to dedicate their extra time expressing their faith in helping make a difference in the community around them in youth in crisis and homelessness.