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Do you want to donate in Everett, WA to an ethical nonprofit that is working to help vulnerable young children have a better and brighter future? If so, you must consider donating to Raven Rock Ranch.

Founded in 2011 to help young people aged 7-18 years overcome disorders caused by physical and emotional trauma or abuse and neglect, our youth nonprofit relies on prayers and donations from the public to fulfill its mission. RRR has a mission to intercept and break the cycles of trauma, teen suicide, human trafficking, and domestic violence.

Please donate to us to impact your community in a constructive way. In Everett, donate in cash, check, money order or ‘in kind.’ We even offer the ease of online donating, whereby residets in Everett donate with PayPal or donate with a debit/credit card.

Check out our website today to learn how to Everett donate money and expand our mission:

  • Youth non-profit organization
  • Charity foundation for at-risk youth
  • Nonprofits serving youth
  • Non profit charities

Call Raven Rock Ranch in Everett to donate money for helping troubled children and teenagers!

(425) 869-2302

Everett Donations


There are several benefits to making Everett donations to local non-profits. The people who donate to any cause they believe in are sure to find donating a big mood-booster. Making Everett donations also helps their children see needs and develop the personal value of generosity. Our Everett youth non-profit organization was set up with the mission of intercepting and breaking the cycles of fatherlessness, domestic violence, human trafficking, and suicide ideation among young children.

Contact us no matter what inspires you to making Everett donations. We accept one-time donations as well as monthly donations. You can donate through:

  • Auction dinners
  • Online fundraisers
  • Summer camp participation
  • Horse sponsorship

Call Raven Rock Ranch for Everett donations to help at-risk youth!

(425) 869-2302

Everett Donating


Wholehearted Everett donating by the public is crucial for the ongoing success of our youth non-profit organization. We are thankful for the amazing support and donations received from countless wonderful people over the years.

Their sprit of Everett donating has helped us tremendously in helping unfortunate children prevail over serious mental health problems through Equine-Facilitated Psychotherapy and Learning (EFPL). In Everett, donating to us, you make a truly significant change to the lives of abused youth and horses.

Wondering how much you should consider Everett donating? Relax! People can contact us for donating any amount, with a minimum of USD 1.00. We use the donations for things like these:

  • Fresh bedding
  • Riding helmets
  • New sheds
  • New arena
  • Fence panels
  • Feed

Call Raven Rock Ranch for Everett donating to a worthy cause!

(425) 869-2302