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Are you interested in making a donation to a non-profit organization in the Everett, WA area that helps young victims of trauma, abuse, or neglect? If so, you are in the right place!

Raven Rock Ranch is the name to rely on for an ethical organization that helps children and teens:

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One of the highly reputable Everett non-profit organizations, we have been working with kids and teenagers deeply troubled by domestic violence, human trafficking, or problems resulting from fatherlessness. At our Everett non-profit company, we realize that such physically or emotionally traumatic experiences can have several devastating outcomes, including PTSD, attention deficit disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, suicidal ideation, and drug/alcohol addiction.

Our Everett non-profit company utilizes a unique therapy to help the distressed youth recover. It involves pairing them with horses for Equine-Facilitated Psychotherapy and Learning (EFPL).

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Everett Non-profit Organizations


We take pride in being one of those Everett non-profit organizations that looks beyond the conventional interventions for helping children aged 7-18 years deal with behavioral issues triggered by any kind of trauma or abuse.

Very few Everett non-profit organizations use the innovative equine-assisted therapy whereby at-risk youth bond develop a highly beneficial bond of trust with horses. Our center, meanwhile, has been doing so with great success since 2011.

The amazing physical and mental recovery in hundreds of children treated over the years has helped us rank among the top-rated Everett non-profit organizations. Indeed, we are one of the best Everett non-profit organizations you can donate to for helping truly needy kids. Contact us:

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Everett Non-profit Organization


Our Everett non-profit organization offers highly individualized mental health therapy with one youth working with one horse and one therapist to overcome his/her negative behaviors.

All the professional facilitators at our Everett non-profit organization are certified in Human Equine Alliances for Learning (HEAL), an internationally recognized model of EFPL.

The only no-cost Everett non-profit organization, we have not lost any kid to suicide. One year of treatment by our Everett non-profit organization sees an astounding decrease in the suicidal ideation rate with incredible increase in school attendance and grade points of our kids.

Do support this wonderful cause by assisting in our mission:

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