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RAVEN ROCK REPORT | July, August, September 2022

Updated: May 5, 2023

RAVEN ROCK REPORT | July, August, September 2022

The cool, September mornings have caused us to casually slip on our jackets and hoodies while sun screen is somewhere in the back of the cabinet. As much as I love summer, with so much activity around here, I think I love fall even more. Chilly mornings always give way to warm, lazy afternoons. Horses get a new spurt of energy and the world looks pretty warm and fuzzy with the fluffy coats coming in full force. We had lots of first rides, painting our living “canvas” and lots of forever memories for our kids and horses.

July and August were pretty busy around here- our event team was working overtime! We had our REALLY fun BBQ in July and we all took a try at ax-throwing, line dancing and some FABULOUS food from Jack’s BBQ. Too many great things to list here, but know it was all great fun! Join us again next year in July when we crank up the decorations, live music and our cowboy hats for another great time!

If you’ve never experienced a Polo Party, you really missed a Polo Party Extraordinaire! RRR was the sponsored non-profit and the theme of the day at the lovely polo grounds in Enumclaw was great food, drinks, party-wear and EXCITING polo. The action and the day were memorable for all of us! We will be joining the Seattle Polo Club next August for the great party- hope you can join us!

Cadman Construction Supply Company once again invited RRR to be their Charity of choice and we had fun raising money through the guests at their annual golf tournament. They are all so gracious to us when we are there and the golfers were so generous!

Liberty Road Foundation came through for us again through their annual golf tournament and auction. These events are always fun and are such a blessing to us.

The local LDS Church came through BIG time helping clean and move tons of gravel.

MSFT – We would like to thank ALL the Microsoft teams that have come out to volunteer. They are a HUGE help to the ranch and we are grateful for them.

In early September, we had our 2nd annual Wine Tasting event held at Chateau Lill Winery in Woodinville. What a lovely venue and the evening was perfect weather. Hightower Wealth Advisors sponsored the event. Once again, we were sold out and everyone enjoyed the wine, delicious food and great conversation. A big thanks to Drew Dambreville, who was our Emcee for the evening, and to Greg and Stacey Lill for their guidance and great hospitality.

Some people have asked me why we work so tirelessly. the answer is simple- it’s for the kids. One of my favorite new kids is a slight 9-year-old I’ll call Danielle. This little girl is all horse crazy, through and through. That is not always the case. Many times, we have very big fears we need to work through. But not Danielle. Nope- she chose one of our biggest horses. I was skeptical at first, but I find that if I allow the horse to choose, it is never a mistake. They just know what the child needs and if they can provide it for them.


Danielle had a rough start to her life. Her addicted Mother died of an over-dose and her father was addicted, too, and was not capable of caring for her. She ended up with her kind Grandmother who took her in and began to help Danielle to begin to address trauma in her young life. She needed some extra help academically as her education may have been the last thing on the parents’ minds. It is a journey for both Danielle and Gramma, as they began addressing the hurdles that were clearly present. Danielle’s father got cleaned up enough to get some visitation rights, but was still not skilled at parenting. Corporal punishment, rather harsh discipline at that, was a matter of “her word against his” despite the bruises and wounds. That’s the way the system works: not always for the best outcome, but inflexible and rigid.

It took Danielle 6 weeks to calm herself a bit and begin learning about horsemanship. But it only took 2 weeks of treatment here at RRR for her to become a calmer, more respectful person in the home and at school. “mom” as Danielle calls her Gramma, called me and said “I’ve got a new child at my home!” I have countless hand-drawn pictures Danielle has made for me. She has become the kind, thoughtful young lady she was always meant to be rather than the sometimes violent, angry little girl who she had been.

We have more work to do. It is a journey. But now there is a light behind those eyes that were once so dark. Let your light shine, Danielle! Adorable kids like Danielle make all of the hard work well worth it.


For our 12th Annual Auction Gala, “Hope Starts Here”

  • WHERE? Chateau Ste. Michelle

  • WHEN? 5:30PM-9:00PM

  • SIGN UP here>> Raven Rock Ranch – Hope Starts Here ( for an evening of spectacular food and wine to help support our noble horses and dedicated Facilitators who care so deeply for these precious youth.

We are again counting on you and your generosity to bring us into 2023 with the funding it requires to save these young peoples’ lives. You stand between them and suicide, drug abuse, crime and self-harm. YOU make the difference!

Hope to see you there!

Warmly with love, Sandy

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