Raven Rock Ranch

Ground Breaking Ceremony

We are a non-profit that pairs abused horses with abused kids.  After 4 years of fundraising and a long wait from King County permitting, we are ready to build a covered arena on the site of Raven Rock Ranch.  This covered arena will provide the therapist and horse-counselor a sheltered area to work with their child during inclement weather and the months with shorter daylight.

Raven Rock Ranch is a partner with Liberty Road Foundation and is thankful for their support and financial contributions towards this fundraising endeavor.  http://www.libertyroadfoundation.org/   

Image 1  Rusty our patient horse counsellor.  He’s a veteran counsellor loved by many kids!

Image 2  The ground breaking with the Liberty Road Foundation.  Left to right – Tim Robinson (Board of Director-LRF) John Dammarell (Executive Director-LRF) Tim Matts (Co-founder of Raven Rock Ranch) Sandy Matts (President and Executive Director for Raven Rock Ranch) Ron Harris (Board of Director-LRF). 

Image 3  The ground breaking with Raven Rock Ranch Board of Directors. Left to right – Steve Bordner, Betty Bordner, Judy Manson, Tim Matts, Sandy Matts, Jayne Boker, David Boker. 

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