Raven Rock Report

Raven Rock Report | February 2017

We don’t often get snow in the pacific Northwest- something I was so familiar with in my Midwestern childhood. As the big, lacey flakes silently settled on the white ground, it was as though they were whispering “hush, hush” to all beings around them. I listened for the familiar hum of traffic, but there was none. All of the urgent meetings and appointments turned into snowmen and snow angels, with proud children and their parents posing next to them on a day that found the urgency slipping away like the whipped cream on your hot cocoa. Funny how the cold, white flakes can warm our hearts and fill us all with child-like wonder.

At this writing, our fjord horses, Bergie and Ruthie are shedding their winter coats with light golden hair falling in soft puffs. It always seems too soon to me. I’d like to recommend to them that they may need that warm, rain-resistant hair between now and spring. But horses don’t usually take advice, especially when it comes to shedding. Reo is shedding, too, so the birds will have plenty of building materials for their new nest construction. Those are lucky baby birds to be getting such luxurious accommodations!

It’s time for some of our Raven Rock kids to be thinking about college. SAT’s have been done and college applications sent in. Many supporters of Raven Rock wonder what it looks like when our kids move on to the next chapter of their lives. The best way to describe that is by telling the story of one of our young ladies who has been coming for a few years.

I will call her “Ann.” Ann came to us, as many do, while a student at Overlake Specialty School. It is the last school that kids can attend when they have not been able to stay in public or private schools, usually for behavior reasons. To get in, there must be a referral from another educational institution. They use a lot of behavior modification therapy there. While this gets everyone through the day, it does not cure or heal any troubles that the students may have. All the kids are at-risk and potentially dangerous to themselves or others.

Ann was put off by people due to PTSD, which was only getting worse with this behavior modification. She refused to go to school at all. As you can imagine, this caused so much worry and fear in her household. Her mother is a very kind, loving, supportive person so I am sure she was at a loss as to how to solve this problem. It was desperation that brought them to RRR. Shortly after coming to the ranch, Ann became suicidal-so much so that she spent a week in a treatment hospital. But help was on the way in the form of a big, curly, freckled horse.

Reo and his big, loving eyes found her. She was able to find the key to unlock her imprisoned, traumatized soul. Please know that often we never find out what trauma occurred. But also know that we don’t have to know what it was. All we need to do is form some new neural pathways.

Ann is now deciding between 2 scholarship opportunities for next fall at college. She attended a regular public school this year, successfully making honor roll.
This is one of so many successes we share here at the ranch. Can you see how this is a collaboration? Without a warm, loving mom this wouldn’t have happened. Without other professionals, this wouldn’t have happened. Without generous donors, volunteers, our dedicated Board of Directors, this wouldn’t have happened. Without YOU, our supporters, this wouldn’t have happened. Without God, this wouldn’t have happened. And without Reo, this wouldn’t have happened.

EASTSIDE COMMUNITY AID, Kirkland, WA sponsors Reo. Please support them when you are donating or buying donated items!
We are all here right here, right now, for an important reason- for a purpose. I can’t think of a better purpose than saving one life, one family at a time.

I will be talking about our 2017 BIG EVENT at Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery in Woodinville, WA. This beautiful venue will host our 6th annual dinner/auction. This year we feature some exciting trips and other items you are sure to want to win. Scheduled for October 14, 2017, the evening will include fine wine, appetizers and dinner with friends while supporting our worthy cause. Please mark your calendars for our main fundraising event this year.

Before that, April 7, 8 & 9, Julie and I will host a HEAL workshop. Please check our website for details about this three day personal development experience that is life-changing. Early registrants receive a 5% discount. There are very few spaces still open for this experiential workshop, so get yourself registered today!

As always, I am humbled and honored that you have taken the time to read this report. Thank you for your support. Your energy and treasure is changing lives.

With love and blessings,

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