Raven Rock Report

Raven Rock Report | January 2016

As the days get longer, every morning I think I hear a songbird or feel the springtime breeze for just one minute. But I am still wearing an extra warm jacket, mind you. My perky Fjord, Bergie, was shedding today! Maybe we’re getting Spring Fever at the same time. Big yellow clouds of beautiful winter horse hair flutter in the aisle after a session with her favorite scratcher. It just might not be too soon this year-?

Raven Rock was a part of many miracles in the lives of children, horses and parents. It is honestly difficult to look back, as we are moving at warp speed. But I see the value of standing still for just a few minutes to be grateful for lessons learned, blessings received and friends made. In all of this, love is shared.

We said good byes- to our kids who have moved on, healthy and well, ready to take on the world. We said good bye to Frieda and Rachel, horses who we loved and who loved us. That is so, so very sad, to be sure, but there is such richness in having loved a noble horse and receiving love back. We never forget those we have had the privilege of knowing, and they are forever in our hearts. But our hearts grow bigger- big enough to include the beautiful horses we have added to our herd- Ruby, our red jewel- a mustang who had to be rescued on many occasions. Now, she is in her forever home- RRR, a place where she is loved and cared for with respect. We have the most loving children at RRR!

She came to us on the same day that Ruthie came, a sweet cuddly Fjord mare. Ruby and Ruthie were friends at first sight. They love hanging out with each other, which is the way it ought to be- We now have 4 “pairs” of horse friends who spend each day being horses together. Ruthie is very good at getting scratched in just the right place by many of the new children friends she has made. Could that

be a breed characteristic? I wonder…

We had a wonderful year of fundraising- our dinner, events and grants that we were able to collect. Please give yourselves a big hug for me- because YOU were a HUGE part of it all! This money will go to operations and salaries for therapists.

In 2016, we are planning a new format for our annual fundraiser with an emphasis on celebration and FUN! Details on this event will follow soon…

We received our permit, of course, just as the rain set in. So 2016 is the year of the covered arena project. We are SO excited! I promise to keep you all apprised of the progress. This really WILL be my last winter in the rain! I can’t really believe it! Our builder, TriPower Construction, is champing at the bit to get started!


We made many great new relationships this year. I have told you about Dr. Dana Westerman, our Equine vet who cares for our horse “counselors.” She has been donating her time to care for them for over 3 years now. We LOVE her! Check out her practice:


I have also told you about Dr. Taryn Rathbone, DVM, the wonderful woman who donates acupuncture for our herd once a month. BTW she does dogs and is one short test away from her chiropractic certification. She makes house calls!


Last year, Barbara Breckenfeld has donated many hours of bodywork and massage to RRR which has made Rusty a new horse! He is cheerful, balanced and remarkably happier! She has begun working on Ruby, who has some areas of pain that we will take care of- Dr. Taryn worked on her, too, and I am very pleased with the results in her movement. You should see her buck and run! Augie, our wonderful Labra doodle, had a massage while Barbara was here to see Ruby and Rusty. She gives it a “paw’s up”! Find Barbara here:


We certainly take good care of our animals here, but I know that you want to take good care of yours. Check out these wonderful resources for your four-footed family members!

We finished up the year with our annual Christmas party, featuring Santa and Mrs. Claus. This is such a highlight for me and our families. We all eat, have presents and meet in the barn for a picture with S & Mrs. C and our favorite horses with their antlers on. We have one with Bergie (our first Fjord 🙂 )

I barely scratched the surface, but I hope I caught the highlights! We wish all of you a prosperous and magical 2016. Expect miracles and they will come!

We have a lot planned for the New Year, so buckle up and join us!

Thank you for a record-setting year!

Blessings to All,


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