Raven Rock Report

Raven Rock Report | July and August 2018

OH, my! Has the summer really snuck away from us? It is like the pretty, vibrant young girl who is energizing the party, but, all at once, she is gone. No trace of her but the fond memories of bright eyes, laughter and a sense of wild freedom that vanishes like my breath in the chilly morning air. Summer has tucked away her party dress and her brother, Autumn, has arrived, marching in with back to school ads and brisk mornings. Many of my wonderful teen volunteers have gone back to classrooms and homework. The horses are as sad as many of the children who felt the freedom of wind rushing through their hair as they cantered on the trail. Volunteering at RRR during the summer almost always includes a ride or two along with all of the chores. It makes all of the work fun.

So much has happened! In June, we were invited to be the Charity benefactor of the Cadman Benefit Golf Tournament. We brought Rufus and Rosy and set up on tee # 1. The kind contractors who played that day raised over $4500 which Cadman matched! We expect the money from them any time now. Our hope is to save enough for a cover for our round pen, which will increase our capacity by 25%. That is a whole bunch of new kids we can reach!

July brought sorrow to our Raven Rock Family. Our beloved Sport, with us for 26 years, died on July 23 at the age of 30. We believe that he had a stroke which was expressed in the motor center of his brain. His legs were very shaky and that made walking very difficult for him. There was nothing we could do to help him recover, and that Monday afternoon, surrounded by the staff and family that loved him, we painlessly and peacefully laid him to rest. He died as he lived; with dignity and grace. He was loved by all of the other horses and all of the humans that had the honor of knowing this gentle giant of a lead horse. I am sobbing as I retell this story. I have had the honor of meeting many wonderful horses in my life, but he will always have a special place in my heart- he carried my daughter, when they were both young, through streams and over jumps, and later in his life he carried children who had hurdles that were far more formidable than those rock walls he so effortlessly sailed over.  We have learned much from him about patience and tolerance, while remaining steadfast and strong through adversity. We all miss him dearly.

One young person who worked with Sport had bonded so completely with him- he truly loved her and she loved him. They cared for each other tenderly- in a way that everyone should care for those whom they love. He was so certain that she would never hurt him, and she knew for sure he would never hurt her. It made the day that I had to tell her my 2nd most difficult day of the summer.

I know that all life ends at some point- it is a “life lesson” that we all must face. But it is a life lesson that I wish I never had to teach. Can you teach someone about love and grief, and still retain the pure joy that comes with being chosen by a horse? Remebering the times when that very special connection was in full force, as feeling one with another beautiful spirit? Knowing that the beauty of that relationship was well worth the pain of this parting?

The unique and magical thing about love is that when we love someone, we never run out of love. We can love others and it doesn’t take away from the love that still lives in our hearts for someone who has passed away. In fact, the more that you love, your capacity grows and grows. The more you give away, the more you receive. Good-bye good and faithful servant. So many will always love you…

It is a good thing that there is more love to give, because at the end of August, our newest family member, “Rembrant” or Remmy, as we call him, joined our herd. He is a massive black gelding with a white face and 2 white stockings behind. Another gentle giant, he is filled with love for people. Remmy can’t wait to get into the program, though for now, we are taking our time making sure he is prepared for his new job. He is not a replacement for Sport- no one could ever replace him. Remmy is a new horse that needs our love and care. We have found some extra love in our hearts that was waiting to sprout up for just a handsome fellow as Remmy. He is ½ Shire (a draft breed) and ½ Quarter horse. About 1500 lbs, which will make him our largest horse to date. He is a big bundle of curiosity, intelligence and friendliness. Welcome to our family!

In late August Deanna from Liberty Road Foundation organized a work party of several people from Best Choice Realty. The work they did that day was AWESOME! But what excited me even more is that they promised to come to the auction event. I can’t wait to see them there!

Our biggest request is for you to register, RIGHT NOW, for our 7th annual charity auction event at the gorgeous Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery in Woodinville.

Just Imagine” is the name of our event this year-

– Just imagine a community where there is no more human trafficking because we have given all children caught in that web a sense of value and worth that turns them away from that desperate life. Imagine that the people who are the future clients of the sex trade have reconciled the sick drive that causes them to seek such an outlet because they have learned self-respect and respect for others.

– Just imagine a world where there is no more domestic violence because the children who have witnessed it in their own lives have healed from that trauma and are now on the way to never falling into a relationship where violence is at its core- no more victims and no more victimizers.

– Just imagine a society that sees teen suicide cut to zero instead of the rate doubling in the past 7 years because these dis-affected youth truly belong to a group, a “family” that values and cares for them, accepts them just as they are.

It is my mission to work tirelessly to help these kids- but I pray that I won’t have to. We are making a dent in the staggering numbers- but only with YOUR help. Please join us for a wonderful evening that focuses on the successes we have seen and the good news of kids and families finding hope.

We have a NEW way to explain our important work to those we want you to invite to our event! Use this when you ask guests. Check this out…

My deepest thanks! Hope to see you all there. Help make this year a record year for changing lives.  With love, Sandy

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