Raven Rock Report

Raven Rock Report | March 2015

We wore lighter jackets, heard louder nighttime frogs and had piles and piles of winter hair on the aisle floor this March. My cherry blossoms adorned the air with a sweet scent that I could almost taste. Song birds took over where the frog chorus left off in the mornings. Spring is beautiful in the Pacific NW, and I hope wherever you are, too.

Our first coffee get-together was a huge success! We met lots of new people in the casual atmosphere of Pomegranate Bistro. The great venue was delicious, fun and relaxed as we told our mission in the community and how it works. Karyn, the Mom of one of our former students, shared a touching story of healing and recovery for her daughter and their family. All in all, I was so pleased with the whole event! It was such a hit that we are planning one for June. So, stay tuned for the details so you can invite some friends who might like to hear about Raven Rock and enjoy a cup of coffee on us!

As I wandered slowly through the sweet photos of this month, I felt my heart soften and I felt a warm familiarity with so many of them. I have shared so many secrets with my horses over the years. When things did not go right, when the hurt and pain became too much to hold inside any longer, I could always go lean on my horse’s neck and whisper things I could not tell anyone else. Her soft hair soaked up the tears and her heart embraced me, so that I always felt so much better. Our kids can always tell their secrets to our horse counselors. They never judge, never turn away, and always seem to understand. Their quiet breathing calms even the most fearful child. After a while they breathe in rhythm. I would not be surprised if their hearts are beating as one, too.

Our newest horse counselor, Rocky, is so very loved. He has a group of children who run to see him when they come, and he always stops what he is doing and runs to the gate to see them, too. He has been receiving acupuncture and other special treatments to keep him happy and healthy. He is thriving and helping so many kids to thrive, too.

He grazes happily with his best friend, Reo. The boys get along well together. Reo is the boss, and that is just the way they both like it. 🙂

We are off to a busy April. Our kids are participating in caring for their horses with a candy drive. They are selling See’s candy bars to raise money to care for their horse. We have some real GO-GETTERS! I have been told by at least 5 different kids that THEY are going to win the $50 gift certificate. Since they can’t all win, I am glad that there will be a second place prize, too! The horses sure appreciate the enthusiasm! After all, they care so lovingly for all of us.

Thanks to all of you who have joined our mission. You have boosted this organization to a nationally-recognized place where many hurts are healed and souls are restored. I am so very grateful!!

Blessings, Sandy

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