Raven Rock Report

Raven Rock Report | April 2016

The blossoming cherry trees flavor each breeze with a sweet promise of spring. We count the blossoms, knowing that each one will become a delicious tiny fruit with just a dab more rain and a few bursts of sunshine. The robins and squirrels know it, too, and lay in wait for just the right ripeness to feast on the brilliant cherries. Most years, the birds and small animals win the challenge. But I am hoping to get a few bites of red deliciousness before succumbing to the wiley fruit lovers 🙂 . Even the trees we planted last year in honor of Gem, Frieda and Rachel are blooming!

We were so blessed by Liberty Road Foundation, who heard that we did not have a horse trailer to use as a horse “ambulance” when one of our herd needs to get to the vet office/surgical center. LRF honored us by naming Raven Rock as one of two organizations to benefit from their 2nd annual “Spring for the Kids” luncheon and fashion show held at Glendale Country Club. The money raised for us will go to buying a good quality used trailer to accommodate this need. LOTS OF HUGS AND THANKS to the entire Board of Liberty Road. A wonderful organization! And a special measure of thanks to Karilyn Dammarell, who spear-headed the entire event, and to Danielle Martin and Betty Bordner, who headed up the RRR delegation. It was so much fun- and two of our kids, one Mom, and even TIM were all models! Really fun 🙂

We hosted another HEAL workshop this April. It was my first co-led with Leigh. It was exciting for me- I felt so ready for this next step and with Leigh by my side, I knew all of us- the participants and me- were in good hands! I do this kind of therapy every day at RRR, so I know it well-but I know I still have much to learn. This was the first workshop for Ruby and Ruthie! We have been practicing with them a bit and they are naturals. All of the horses love this work. Somehow it is every bit as fulfilling for the horses as it is for the humans.

We will be hosting the HEAL Facilitator Training at RRR this May. That is quite an honor as it attracts international participants and has far-reaching effect on the mental health field. Maybe by that time, Rufus and Rosy will be able to participate!

YES! Our delightful little minis arrived early April. They were relaxed and happy upon arrival. Rocky shares some space with them, and they are mutually attracted to each other. We were on break when they arrived, but now the children are back and those tiny horses are meeting new admirers 🙂 . They will be so happy to realize that their job description is to be in relationship with our wonderful kids.

Rufus and Rosy are pros at relationship therapy. They first belonged to a girl who was very affected by Autism. Needing a listening ear, she got that and two listening hearts. Closed off to people, she read to the minis day after day. I couldn’t help but notice the sign she made to hang above the place where they lived, “Angels gather here.”

She is now an adult attending Law School. This is such a success story! While she and her parents have worked tirelessly to overcome her limitations, I know that they all would give the minis at least some of the credit. We are blessed to have these tiny angels in our herd. Indeed, we have a whole herd of angels 🙂

One of our kind and gentle horses is still on the job though I haven’t written of him too much lately. Sport is working with a young lady who had to wait for 3 years to come to RRR because of our long waiting list. He chose her and vice versa because she needs to work on boundaries, and he is a strong, beautiful and powerful horse that represents so many of the men in her life who have violated her boundaries. When she masters a respectful boundary with him, she will be better equipped to be able to establish and maintain boundaries with humans in her life. Sport is just the guy to teach her, too 🙂

In March, one of our boys finally rode his horse, Ruthie, for the very first time. Riding for the first time is exciting, scary, and exhilarating all at once. While our best work is done on the ground, the ride helps unlock the secret place where fear, confusion and grief reside. This young boy lost his beloved adoptive Mom just one year ago and his Dad has become engaged to another woman. While the boy really does admire his soon-to-be mom, he is filled with questions about what his life will look like, how this will affect him and his sisters and Dad, and a myriad of other fears that are bound to arise. Ruthie is a gentle, nurturing constant in his life. She doesn’t ask questions or give him directions. She just puts her head down into his chest in a knowing and accepting way. It is another “horse hug” story of one of our herd members embracing a child that has more questions than answers, but feels the love that Ruthie has to offer him.

MAY 3 – Please mark it in your calendar. It is the 0ne and only day for GiveBig, an important donation drive for RRR that will be sponsored by The Seattle Foundation. On this day, you can go online and donate to Raven Rock and The Seattle Foundation will match a portion of all the money we raise, depending on the total amount. The more we raise, the higher their sponsorship! In the past, we have raised about $9,000 each year (sometimes a little higher, sometimes a little lower). This year we are shooting for $20,000. We can’t do it without YOU! Every dollar will help the work that we do here at the ranch. I will send a reminder email out just before the event with the link to our page at the foundation.

As always, I my heart is full of love and gratitude for each and every one of you. These horses cannot survive without your support. They cannot do their work without your support. It depends on each and every one of us- ALL of us- to allow the miracles to happen. I hope that you can watch the miracles a bit through this report. Know that we all appreciate all of you!



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