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Raven Rock Report | March & April 2017

As many of our friends and relatives know, our weather here has been so, so wet this spring. Dreary, gray days slid into dreary, dark nights without a bump. Weather reporters were telling us how many days of sunshine we DIDN’T have last month. Now, I am a “glass half full” girl, for sure. But even I am seeing the rain as filling up the whole darned thing!

On the last day of the month, two young ladies came at their regular time and miraculously, there was sunshine waiting for them. But there were storm clouds in their hearts that day- the anniversary of the death of their mom. I gave my young teen a hug and told her how sorry I was, as I loved her mom, too. A slight smile and a whispered, “She’s in a better place now,” didn’t convince me that the clouds had passed for her. We did our chores in silence. As we dumped the wheelbarrow into the manure pit, I suddenly had an inspiration. “Would you like to take the minis for a trail walk today?” I asked with hope in my heart that she could release her sadness for just a while.

“OH! YES!” Her face reflected the beautiful sunshine. As we made our way over to the mini corral, her sister was walking that way with Julie. They, too, had the same inspiration. We all said it at the same time, “Let’s go together!” Rufus and Rosy were waiting at the gate for us. They love nothing more than a chance to go out and explore the world.

On our trail adventure, the girls laughed and giggled while they trotted alongside the two minis who were up for a game. The sun lit up the woods and gave it a supernatural glow as though their Mom was along with us that day. The joy that filled their hearts overflowed into mine and Julie’s as we witnessed the minis bring a slice of happiness to two young ladies who sorely needed it that day. It is difficult to be down or stressed when the minis are near.

Washington State University has done some validated research testing the saliva of at-risk children and teens before and after working with horses. Saliva shows the level of stress hormones released by the brain. Those stress hormones were significantly reduced in this trial with horses, which helps to create a healthier pattern for the stress hormones that leads to healthier mental and physical outcomes.

That’s what the research says. But the whole story was told in the faces of those two hurting kids who found joy on their trail walk with Rosy and Rufus.

Liberty Road Foundation fashion show happened on April 20. “Spring for the Kids” was a wonderful event in which Olive Crest adoption agency and Raven Rock were the beneficiaries. What’s more, some of our kids got to model great sportswear from Sturtevant’s in Bellevue and had a great time doing it! We are so grateful to the Liberty Road Foundation for featuring RRR in this annual event.

If you would like to help Raven Rock, here are some ways you can:

  • Raven Rock is having a t-shirt sales campaign for raising money. PLEASE order a great-looking t-shirt. It has the Raven Rock logo and reads “I support a 1200 pound therapist.” Order early- it’s on for just 1 month. ACCESS HERE
  • GiveBig through the Seattle Foundation. If we are able to raise enough, we will receive matching funds from the foundation. It is on ONE DAY only: Wednesday May 10 We count on this event for a good-sized portion of our annual budget. ACCESS HERE

If you have a desire to come and meet the staff and horses in person, please come to our Friend Raiser. It’s an open house that’s on May 19 from 6-7:30pm here at the ranch. There is no charge and no pressure to donate as all we want to do that evening is show you what we do and make some new friends. We will have wine, cheese and lots of fun. If you can think of anyone who might like to find out about RRR, this is the PERFECT opportunity to bring them out to meet us!

We have talked about what we really do here at the ranch. It comes down to intercepting and breaking the cycle of Fatherlessness, Teen Suicide, Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence. How? You may ask. Who do you think abandons their children? It is men who were abandoned as boys, and the women they leave are the little girls who thought that the reason their own father left was because they were bad or worthless. Who buys young children for sex? It is people who were molested as children. You see, the way we can break the cycle of all of these social issues is not to “park an ambulance at the bottom of the cliff” by building more shelters for trafficked kids. We need to “build a wall at the top of the cliff” by healing the future victims and perpetrators of these serious ills of society. It is true that ALL, not just most of the people in prison have been seriously traumatized as children. Raven Rock is very, very effective in rewriting neural pathways. When you donate to Raven Rock, you are supporting our society at large. Less money will go to rehabilitation, law enforcement, and mental and physical health costs. I am so passionate about this because it works! I have seen the miracles, I have hugged the parents who have their child back from sure disaster, and I have felt the joy of the children who have rejoined their families and community because they have found healing. I, myself flew above childhood trauma on the wings of a horse.

Join with us to help make our world a better place.

With my sincerest love and gratitude,


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