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As is typical in the Pacific Northwest, we had every bit of our wardrobes in action during May and June. I was wearing my RRR tank-top while I was folding my base layer RRR shirt- clean from the washer. This time of year, we need them both, with some hoodies and jackets thrown in. Horses are not so complex. They lose their winter coats and won’t put them back on till fall. Tiny flower buds poked their little heads out of their green cocoon, hoping spring will come on time. Grass grew in the pasture boldly, having been fertilized and re-seeded for the long, lush strands that tempt all equines…

The green pasture is good for all- some rest while others eat

I want to focus on the good news from Raven Rock in the past 2 months…there has been quite enough bad news everywhere to last a long, long time. In early May, we were the beneficiary of 2 wonderful fundraisers: The Liberty Road Fashion show, which went virtual this year, and GiveBig, which has always been an online effort for us. LRF’s Fashion show brought in approximately $14,000- to be divided between RRR and Olive Crest Adoption agency. I have not yet received the final number on that one, but have heard about our annual GiveBig fundraiser. It brought us just about $12,000, which is below our goal of

$20,000, but 4-times what we received last year! Yahoo! Thanks to all who truly did “GIVEBIG”.

Our staff is gaining some momentum now that Emily, our new Facilitator is in full swing, and Julie has recovered from her knee surgery. Now we are working hard on that waiting list! If funding comes through for another staff member, we might be able to radically reduce that waiting list. As many of our friends and RRR family know, it is my greatest desire to whittle down that list. It hurts my heart every request I receive from a desperate parent to whom I must say, “I can’t take your child now, but I will put them on the waiting list.” Our facility is up to par and our horses are ready to handle more kids- it is only the funding for the new staff member that we lack. Because all charities’ donations are down 40% this year due to COVID-19, we, too are feeling the pinch. But our work has stepped up- Our kids are coming more frequently during the week while they cannot go to school and cannot socialize anywhere while staying in quarantine. Stress abounds in families.

For wonderful stress relief, we use laying backwards on the horse as it is very therapeutic for regulating and grounding anxious and stressed children of all ages. One such child, who is here at the ranch due to an abusive relationship her Mom was involved in, was very anxious.

Rene came to us with fears, worries and anxiety too much for anyone, especially one her young age. It took months of ground work with Rosy, one of our minis, until I could suggest she move to one of our larger horses. When she was ready, she could ride. This was such a big step for Rene, as constant fear gripped her, though she would never admit it. She spent her life in hyper-vigilance, so it was her “normal.” Rene did not recognize that her trouble sleeping, her sudden outbursts of terror or her hyper-awareness of all going on around her was her feelings of never being safe, though she now lived in a safe and loving home with her grandparents. She was a pro at avoiding living in the present moment. She talked compulsively about what had happened or what was going to happen, but never about the present.

Our therapy is patient and kind. We have no deadline to meet or insurance company to restrict our time spent in helping the healing to occur. We wait and wait until the child is ready and the healing ripens for the next step. Eventually, Rene was able to make some healthy boundaries with her Mom, until her Mom could get her life on track. I was so proud of this mighty mite. She was not even a teenager yet- so young but so wise. A few weeks after that she simply asked one day if she could ride.

I never care if our kids ride. It is not the riding that meant anything. It was what it represented that was profound. It meant that she was not afraid. We had spoken about how much it can help to face the tail and lay down on the horse. She asked to try it. On the inside, I was doing back-flips. I was amazed, grateful, thrilled, grateful- did I mention grateful? As I was silently thanking Jesus, Rene slid one leg over Ruthie’s neck. She was shaking a bit- I knew this was scary for her, but she kept on until she was facing the tail. She laid down and was sleeping within seconds. Fast asleep-releasing tension as Ruthie stood sill and strong, knowing her role and resolutely supporting Rene-physically and emotionally during Rene’s 25-minute restoration.

Rene’s Grandma reported that on the ride home, Rene told her that being on the horse backwards “changed her life.”

If you can, please help us change lives with financial support. You can join us for WAGE LOVE our 9th annual Auction on October 10, 2020. Suggested $20 registration donation.

Register here > http://bidpal.net/wagelove

A great big THANK YOU to;

  • Dunn Lumber for a terrific $3,000 gift certificate for the live auction
  • Holland America cruise for 2 with no expiration date for the live auction
  • Firstfruits Feed for a $10,000 corporate sponsorship
  • Resonance Partners for a $5,000 Leadership/Team Building experience
    using horses for the live auction

This year it is VIRTUAL. You can be there, no matter where you are! It is going to

be a PARTY!

Rosy’s ready- are YOU?


What: Raven Rock Ranch’s 9th Annual Fundraiser
Where: Virtual (from the comfort of your own space)
When: Live event: October 10th, 7 P.M. – 7:45 P.M. (Pacific time)

– Auction items will be open for bidding at 5 P.M (Pacific) on October 10th.
– Silent auction bidding starts at 10 A.M (Pacific) on October 3rd &
ends at 7 P.M (Pacific) on October 10th

We need all of our Raven Rock family and friends to invite others and show up for
this event. Your attendance of only 45 minutes will make the difference for us in
2020. Hope to see you all there!

With Love,


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